Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ostensibly this blog is about quilting. But how can you write about quilting when you haven’t set foot inside your studio for three weeks? (Okay I snuck in there yesterday for a black licorice and some Mike and Ikes.)

Hit a couple of local quilt shops yesterday with my friend Deb. We hit Needleworks in the north. Allison has a great new store. I can’t wait until she finishes hanging all those quilts and unpacks all those new fabrics. Then, we hit My Sewing Room in the south. Anne has a great staff and a huge selection of fabric. Can you believe I didn’t buy anything? Not even a coffee. I hate being on a tight budget, but until my machine is up and running again disposable income is nil.

On the plus side of having one’s machine down is that you get to spend more time outside in the lovely fall air. It’s been warm here. Hot enough for shorts and a sleeveless top. I’ve got a TAN. Yup its true. I have a lovely tan now, and I didn’t have even a hint of one all year. Gotta love Indian Summer. (Or whatever those of you who are politically correct call it now.) And, the fencing is getting close to completion.

It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada. Spent last night at home with hubby. Tonight the girls come over with their men. For those of you who don’t know I have 23 year old twin daughters. Tomorrow is drinks with friends and Monday is Thanksgiving dinner. We’re going to be radical this year and not have turkey. Yup, I said it. NO TURKEY! Superstore has prime rib on sale. So, Dave shall barbeque a prime rib roast. Mmmmm. I’m drooling already.

I have to tell you I am indeed thankful this year. I have a great life, a wonderful family, a terrific extended family, and am happy and healthy. To the universe I say "thanks for all you have given me."

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you thankful for?
Still need pickets, headers and
footers on our side.

The hideous slope in our back yard.
It drops about six feet in about 30 feet.

The final two sections are still to
be finished, but we are almost
done. All the pickets are on this part.
Just headers and footers left.


  1. My wonderful family and my health!! easy!

  2. I am thankful my mother is coming to live with me in the spring!

  3. I am thankful for having a wonderful loving, patient, Christian mother.

  4. I'm thankful that I have you for a friend!:)

  5. Where do I begin? There is so much to be thankful for...but it all really comes down to my amazing husband and unbelievable children. My life is so full. We laugh and play everyday...I couldn't ask for more!

    ~Teresa :)

  6. I'm thankful for a health family :0)

  7. I am thankful that my husband is so supportive about my quilting habit. It really is my sanity as a SAHM. I need to do SOMETHING that doesnt have to do with my boys (aged 2.5, 10m)


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