Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall into Fall

So the blog hop continues. It is great to have you all popping in, and wonderful to hear from new visitors and from old subscribers alike.

Check out the last two postings for September for details on how to enter to win! Fat quarter bundles, patterns and …

Love those fall colors.

Fish Creek Park
Hubby and I try to walk in the local park a couple times every week. I love the fall. I find the pretty colors, the crunching of leaves and the rustle of dry tree branches very peaceful. I’m busy blanket stitching a fall table runner. It is fairly small, but then my coffee table is small. And, I don’t want anything too large on the kitchen table as that just encourages the cats to sleep there.

I finally heard from APQS. The computer boards from my longarm are finally back in the mail. It is only two weeks late. I guess there was some trouble with the servicing of them. But I am glad they are coming back. I’ve got stacks of customer quilts to get finished. The Christmas quilting rush is due to start any day and I want to fit in the projects I finished while the machine was down. I might be putting in some long days in the studio. But, that’s okay. I love my work. It is time consuming, occasionally frustrating, the pay isn’t all that I would like it to be, but I love it. It allows me to be creative, to set my own hours. I can work early or late as I choose. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Tonight I shall hit the studio (after a day of fence building) and work on my fall table runner.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you like applique? What is your favorite technique? Hand? Machine? What is your favorite edge stitch method? If you had to choose a season, what season would you choose and what types of things would you applique onto a table runner to celebrate that time of year?


  1. I've not done a lot of applique but I'm a big fan of Bondaweb!!
    As my favourite season is Spring I'd use 'Springy' colours and lots of flowers!

  2. Lots of questions! I love to applique. I love needle turn applique, but also do freezer paper sometimes. I love to machine applique as well. I guess I just love it, period! It can add such a touch of elegance or whimsy to a pieced quilted item. On the machine, sometimes I use buttonhole stitch and sometimes satin. I let the feel of the piece made the decision. I think button hole stitch is best for casual or whimsical appliques. Love fall! And so many applique choices! Leaves, of course, pumpkins, acorns, jack o lanterns and black cats and silly monsters, pilgrims and cornucopias, as well as fall flowers--all good choices for fall appliques!

  3. I like applique, I use wonder under or something similar then use a blanket stitch or small zig zag. Applique can add so much to children's quilts and cover some mistakes ;)
    My favorite season is winter, although that means 50 degrees here, very cold. For stitching I love snowmen and snow scenes, the rich burgundies, deep green of the season.

  4. LOVE APPLIQUE,Favorite~~ DEFINATELY HAND APPLIQUE,Favorte~~~~Blanket stitching,Favorite~~~~~Definately FALL, what would I applique on a table runner, Pumpkins, fall leaves, sunflowers, I do alot of penny rugs so all those are my favorite things, candy corn is not too far behind.

  5. I like applique a lot, I have only done machine at this point with blanket stitch. I've started to play with the decorative stitches and will use them more now. One of my next projects is going to be learning hand applique (needleturn) and I'm looking forward to it. Handwork calms me and centers my thoughts. My favorite time of year is Spring. I like the way the weather goes back and forth. Getting seeds and garden ready to plant inspires me. I would like to do an applique table runner that is garden "starting" inspired. Not fully flowered.

  6. I don't like to applique. I'm stuck on embroidery. If I did applique, I'd choose spring because I love the flowers and bright colors.


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