Tuesday, January 8, 2013


For the lovely lady who requested a recap of some of my projects, I give you ....
This is made my a lovely lady who purchased my pattern. 

So there you have it, a recap of a few projects. What a cheater post this was!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Solemnly Swear Not to Make any Resolutions

Party like it is 2013!
Happy New Year!
For me the New Year is always bittersweet. Saying so-long to the happy memories of last year brings smiles and a touch of melancholy. The hurts and disappointments of last year slip away a little easier than the joys and leave me a bit older and wiser. I always look forward to the upcoming year with optimism and hope.

I hope that I will find more time to visit with my folks. My parents live a few hours away and I don't get up there often enough to see them. Time is ticking inexorably on and each day that passes I regret not making the time to see them. Am I really that busy that I can't afford a few days of time to make that small journey? Not really, I just get so wrapped up my my own life that I let time slip by thinking that I will do it next month. It is shameful and it is my biggest regret.

Years ago, I made it my policy not to make resolutions. I only disappoint myself when I fail to follow through. Now, I don't make resolutions; instead I try to live each day as best I can and focus on being happier, kinder, neater and more productive. This year will be different. I WILL make time for Mom and Dad! This is my one and only resolution.

Beyond that, I plan to smile more and be a bit kinder. I will try to lengthen my short temper and be less sarcastic and to rein in my unkindness. I will treat my family, friends and myself better. I will eat better and workout more. Gak ... that sounds like another resolution. But I don't make resolutions!

2011 and 2012 were difficult for me in some ways as I battled undiagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now, thanks to a fabulous rheumatologist and a wise friend I know what was wrong with my body. To the major pharmaceutical companies I say "Thank you. You have given me my life back." Now, I need to focus on eating right and getting fit once again.

Fitness and good eating are huge in the scheme of controlling my RA and if I want to feel 100% again, I have to buckle down and do it. It is time that I admitted to myself that sugar, chocolate and alcohol are fabulous but leave me with increased pain and discomfort in my joints after I indulge in them. Then, because things ache, I don't hit the gym. This is bad, because one of the worst things a person with RA can do it be stationary ... things stiffen up and get sore. It is a viscous cycle. It is time to buck up and suck it up and do it right. Sigh ... that sounds like a resolution.

So there you have it ... in spite of not making resolutions .... I have gone ahead and make them anyway.
I will find time for my parents.
I will find time for my kids.
I will be kinder.
I will treat my family, friends and myself better.
I will give my body what it needs to be healthier.
I will tell those I love that I appreciate them and will hug them more.

Happy New Year and may all your dreams and resolutions come true.

Cath (I don't make resolutions!)