Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Congratulations once again to the winners of the Fall into Fall Blog Hop. A special thanks to to everyone who entered. Yes Colleen, you were a winner. I sent you an e-mail, but it must have gone astray. Drop me an e-mail with your address and I'll send your prize out. (


Yup. Its a must for all quilters. No quilt is complete without it. Personally, I always finish my bindings by hand. I don't like the look of a binding that is finished by machine. It seems, somehow, like cheating. Mayb that's just me. I sew the binding onto the front of the quilt by machine and hand stitch it down on the back. I love hand work and can stitch a queen sized binding down in two nights. Sometimes even in one if I'm in a particular hurry.

Instructions for Perfect Bindings
Click the text above to go to my website for printable binding instructions. Don't forget, if you share these instructions, please tell people where you found them. I would put them here, but technology is not my friend, and I cannot get the images to appear in this blog.

Tip of the Day: Never ever cut fabric after ten p.m. Those nasty gremlins will come in after you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning you’ll discover that they have re-cut your blocks and half of them are crooked.

Keep your fingers nimble. Cath


  1. I like your tip of the day! Binding is one of my favorite things to do! I love handwork.

  2. lol at the tip of the day...that is sooo true! In fact you don't even have to wait until 10pm. I have found those gremlins come out as early as 8pm!!


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