Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Because I Wasn't Busy Enough

Any of you that follow my blog on a semi-regular basis know that I tend to be a strange combination of lazy and nutso busy. I've got my pattern business going, my longarm quilting, my writing, all my sewing and crafting for myself. I try to work out regularly. (Stop laughing, I do try.)

So what did I do? I went and got myself a job.

Foolish, I know it. I'll be working at The Pet Stop. Darling daughter Wendy is going to be taking maternity leave. So the shop needed some help for the duration. As for me, a bit of extra money is always nice.

Plus, I've heard that the more you have to do, the more you actually accomplish. Another axiom is "If you want something done quickly and efficiently, ask a busy person. They'll get it done and done right the first time." I'm kind of counting on that!

I am still working on new pattern designs, and trying to figure out how to sell digital copies. I'm trying to catch up on longarming all of my own quilts. (I think I have about 30 to do.) Then there is the danged baby quilt, some soft baby books ... need I say more. (Not sure if I am bragging or complaining here.) I have friends and relatives that I need to be visiting. Oh, and I'm thinking of making a couple of cat/dog beds to sell.

On that note, I had best get showered and start my day.

Hugs to you all