Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ever wonder about the stupid things people do?

Ever wonder about the stupid things people do?

Here I am, busy as a one-armed paperhanger and I manage to slam my head in the trunk of my car. Yup!
Believe it. I drive an old beater. A very reliable old beater, but a beater nonetheless. Yesterday it was windy and I was being lazy and trying to take everything from the trunk in one fell swoop. Mistake. Big mistake. The wind came up and blew the lid down. Hit my glasses (I wear reader on top of my head) and sent them flying about ten feet. I was sick as a dog for the rest of the night.

Today, I am finishing up last years accounting. It’s taken quite a lot of Tylenol and much coffee to get me functioning. I’m still a little queasy, I think I must have a bit of a concussion. Stupid woman.

The bad thing is that I know the trunk lid is unstable. I was just trying to save a trip. It didn’t work. Not only did I not save a trip, I had to sleep the rest of the day and today is sloooooow going.

On a better note, last year’s accounting is finally finished. This year I vow to keep up on it to save the grief at tax time next year. I swear I will. I promise. I hope. Maybe?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tick Tock

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time marches, no races on. Quilt Canada is only a week away. I need to start blending my lists. I need to make one to-do list and one supply list. Either that or I need to make a list of my lists and I just can’t see that working out well at all.

Patterns are all finished. Well, I still need to print the Borders and Binding pattern that is our give away with purchase, while supplies last. Dave also needs to finish up the Sun Dreams project. He’s compiling the instructions and all the templates onto CD. It is a new venture in publishing for us. But Sun Dreams has so much paper that we cannot print it cost effectively. So we’ve priced out CD’s and it should make it much more reasonable. There are 23 pages of templates and 12 pages of directions. I looked into having a booklet published too, but until I am sure of its reception, it simply isn’t cost worthy to go that way. Maybe someday.

The other patterns I would like to publish as a book are the Calendar Critters. It is a series of 12 cute little animals, one for each month. I think putting them into a book that contains each separate wall hanging, a small lap quilt, a bed sized quilt and a couple of other projects would really increase their popularity. They have sold fine, but I think that as individual units, they simply add up too quickly for most people.

Beyond patterns and Quilt Canada, lies the dreaded Tax Man. Before Friday (yes I know its already Monday) I have to do my accounting for last year. See the tax dude on Friday morning to get our taxes done. I should be able to get it done without any trouble. Just need to get at the good computer. We have two computers, one for Internet stuff and one for work. Clearly I don’t want my accounting on a hackable machine.

Today’s question is how do you cope with tax time? Are you a procrastinator like me or are you Emily Efficient?

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Well its getting closer now. Quilt Canada is only 11 days away. (Some things start sooner, but I set up my booth on the 11th day.) I'm getting excited and nervous. What if I run out of patterns? What if I don't sell ANY patterns.

My goal is to increase exposure for my company. Both companies, Black Bear Quilting (long-arming) and Pine Freckle Forest (patterns).

I've got lots of great help lined up to volunteer and today we start our mock both set up. Hanging some drapes and arranging quilts so we know what to do when we get there.

Our drop of time is Tuesday morning, and we have to be ready to go before the grand opening event. That's not that much time. Hence all the advance planning.

Still have some more pattern printing to do as well. I am such a procrastinator.

So tell me, are you a procrastinator? What motivates you?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Ghost From the Past

Okay, I know this is my quilt blog, but the things going on in our lives affect our creativity. Mine is shot. I'm angry, annoyed and irritated. I want to be creating new designs, instead I'm pacing around frustrated.

I was visited this week by a ghost from the past. Okay, not really a ghost and a phone call rather than a live visit. Back in the good old days, when dirt was young and I was too, I knew this girl. We've both gotten older, but one of us has never grown up. Once good friends, I find that I can no longer spend time with her. Her moral compass has become skewed.

I expect honesty and integrity from my friends. I find myself unable to think of her without anger. Spending thousands of dollars on new electronics (that you don't need cause the ones you have still work) then going to the food bank just irritates me. Okay, not strong enough of a work. Profanity is called for here, but I'm trying not to go there.

She reminds me of a lot of today's kids. Expecting instant gratification and feeling that the world owes her a living. Well suck it up princess, the world doesn't owe you anything. Get off your backside and contribute. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and take charge of your life.Do something for someone else for a change and if you read this, stop calling me.

I'm not the kind of person to tell her off. Okay I am but for some reason I can't. I want her to find her way to a better place. A more giving and caring place. The place I wish I could be. I'm not perfect, I know that, but stealing from charity????
I've stopped calling her, and am never available when she wants to visit. But she keeps calling.

How do you handle something like this?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today's Think

Its a busy time around here. Customer quilts to finish. Several drop-offs and pick-ups scheduled. Working like a mad fool on Sundreams. Its an applique quilt with lots of flowers and little animals layered upon a pieced back.

I'm going to publish it on a CD, I think. There are about 12 pages of instructions plus about 20 of applique templates. Too many pages to print for every copy of the pattern and still keep the price reasonable. So, CD it is. Just have to wait for DH to get home from the office and get busy. Some nerve, going to work when I need him here to do my stuff. Still, paying jobs must prevail. Too bad!

What I need to know from you is ... what is your favorite style of quilting? Applique? Foundation piecing? Traditional? Art Quilts?

Looking forward to hearing your answer.


And so it Begins


I must be crazy! I have seventeen different things to do today, yet I am following this crazy urge to start a blog. I've been thinking about it for a while, and here we goooooooo....

Who am I?

I am Cathy Keevill. My life is quilting. I quilt for myself and for gifts. I make charity quilts with my guild, Piecemakers of Calgary. I am president of the guild for this year and next. I am a long arm quilter ( I design patterns ( Occassionally I teach quilting classes at guild and other places.