Friday, October 1, 2010

Storage and Distractions

Plastic Storage Bins, the two stacked
closely togethe with no lids
are full of batik scraps. Mmmmm.
I talked briefly about organization yesterday. I loved the idea one reader posted yesterday about an over the door shoe organizer. Sadly, I have French doors and they wouldn’t work for me. I would be worried about breaking the glass if I closed the door too hard.

Ikea bins.
I store each of my projects in clear plastic tubs. They stack neatly on my shelves and I can see what is inside. I'm not saying that inspires me to work on old projects, but I can see what I’m not doing. I have IKEA bins in my cutting table that are easy to pull out and dump allowing me to find that perfect piece easily. I have them color coordinated.

I find that I have "Magpie Syndrome" and am easily distracted by bright, shiny or colorful objects. I hop from one project to another and back. I’ll be busy working away on a project and I’ll see the perfect fabric for someone I know, and I’ll snatch it up and start designing their quilt. Last week I went shopping with a friend and found the perfect fabric for Cousin Anne. I know she has at least a double bed, so being wise I bought enough fabric to make her a queen size quilt. Yes, there is logic there; I hate getting half finished and discovering I’m six inches short of something. Anyway, Anne stopped by for hubby’s 50th birthday. She loves the fabric, but only wants a wall hanging. She wants something small that she can easily show off. While I’m flattered that she thinks my work is worth showing off, what am I going to do with all the leftovers? I’m trying to reduce my stash, not build it. Maybe she’ll get both ... Ha ha ha, like I would ever get both finished. I would be distracted first.

Sometimes, I’ll see something I love and in almost no time it has a new home in my studio, just waiting for me to use it. Worst of all are new designs. I’ll see something and it will flash into my brain as a new idea for a quilt. First chance, I’m on EQ7 planning a new design. That design in turn morphs into half a dozen more before I now it, its time to cook dinner and I haven’t accomplished a darned thing.
My project bins are slowly being emptied, but when I get frustrated, I’ll drop a project sometimes for an extended period. Eventually I get back to them. Sometimes I’ll trade UFO’s with a friend. It’s like a whole new project. My Magpie likes that!

My queue for quilting.

Now, if only someone would quilt all the tops I have hanging in my studio waiting to be quilted. I always have great plans to fit one or two of my tops (or my daughters’ tops) into the queue each week, but it never seems to work that way. A client top will take longer than I expected, I’ll get lost in EQ or someone will invite me for coffee or fabric shopping. My discipline isn’t all it has cracked up to be.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What distracts you the most? And how to you inspire yourself to get back to quilting?


  1. Good questions. Reading distracts me because I always like to sit on the sofa-a quilt and a cat on my lap-and read a good book.
    My one Yahoo quilting group, with lots of new online friends, inspire me to get back to my projects and to try new things.
    Good luck to you!

  2. My biggest distraction is my computer. I am always busy looking at what everyone else is doing. I limit my time to 1 hour each morning to help me wake up!

  3. TV is the biggest distraction for me, Hubby always has it on, background noise for me but my sewing room doesn't have a tv so I sneak in there and veg. Great little corner for hand stitching or reading. Plus our front porch has a great little view of our pastures, creeks, horses, etc. that is a great place to regenerate when needed. speaking of getting back to quilting ~~~~~~~ I SHOULD.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Only, I don't just get distracted with one craft, but several. I flit in-between sewing and cross-stitching; crocheting and knitting. Then...I browse blogs, and I get inspired to do things I've never even heard of!! Haha...
    So, I'll say...the internet (blogs, in particular), are both the most distracting, yet inspiring.

  5. Definitely reading blogs - I love reading them especially the overseas ones

  6. Exactly what I'm doing now. I'll take a break and check out the blogs and lose an hour. I'm trying to cut back on blogs, but the hop didn't help, I found more.

  7. I am distracted by most anything these days. I have made a pact with myself that I will do what I need to do first for at least a couple of hours and my breaks will include some sewing. That way I enjoy my time instead of feeling guilty.

  8. Life distracts me. We have a 10 year old daughter that demands a lot of attention. Pre-teen emotions. Sometimes, I just have to put myself into a time out in my craft room. Quilting is so relaxing and a stress reliever for me. :0)


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