Friday, May 7, 2010

Studio Design

I thought I might go a different way today. Studio design.

I have a fantastic studio. It is about 450 square feet. I have taken over the formal living room and dining room of our house. We put up French doors to keep the cats out. Because I am a longarm quilter, I always have other people’s quilts in my studio. While I love my cats, not all my customers are completely enamoured. I cannot guarantee that the space is cat hair free, the cats never come into my studio, so the only pet hair is what blows up through the furnace vents or comes in on my clothes and that is precious little. So, rest assured that your quilt is safe in my care.

Darling Hubby designed and built a lot of the furniture for me. He made the quilt hanging closet where work waits to be completed, stands to hold batting rolls, a jumbo ironing board with cupboards underneath it, and my cutting table (also with bins underneath it to store fabric in.) Oh yeah, let’s not forget the bookcase and the folding, two-sided design wall.

The rest of the furniture we picked up in a second-hand shop while on vacation in Saskatchewan. This includes a great trunk, two old heavy wooden dressers and a lovely buffet. In the corner is the spinning pattern rack DH made for Quilt Canada, and my Grandfather’s antique table. Oh yeah, the quilt hanging racks are also DH’s handiwork.

I’m still mentally designing the sewing table I want. I keep changing my mind. Once I have the idea perfected, he’ll get busy and build it to match the rest of the room.

My friends and clients tell me they envy my space. That thrills me. Especially since I spent seven years sewing on the kitchen table. It’s nice to have a dedicated space that looks professional when my clients stop by for a quilt drop off or pickup.

Now, if only someone would invent a way for my studio to self-clean. I am not a tidy sewer and things are always a little higgety-piggety. I clean up regularly, but just can’t seem to keep it clean while I work.

Tell me about your studio. Where do you work? What would you most love to have? Dream big ladies and let me know your dreams.


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