Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clean Up!

I am amazed at how much time it can actually take to clean up a studio. Yesterday I spent almost five hours cleaning! Generally it does not take that long. I admit, quite freely, that my studio is never really clean. There is always some portion of it that looks like a fabric store exposion. But wow. The aftermath of Quilt Canada.

All the quilts were in piles on the floor. There was fabric everywhere. Before the show I was racing to finish quilting Sundreams (picture in corner), so there were threads everywhere. And dust bunnies, were there were no dust bunnies. There were however dust hippos. Yikes. I had to sweep three times to catch it all.

But you should see it now. Its almost perfect. Everything in its place. I even CLEANED OUT SOME DRAWERS! Now, the quilts are hung or put away neatly. The threads are re-wrapped and put back on racks or in drawers. The fabric has been sorted. I've dusted and swept. I even did the paperwork.

Now, I'm off to quilt a customer quilt.

But before I go, I want to know about your studio. Big? Small? Clean? Organized chaos? Let me know what kind of place you have to work in.


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