Monday, June 18, 2012

She Waited Eight Months for Her Quilter!


I've been sitting and thinking a lot lately. About life, the universe and the meaning of being alive.

Ha, caught ya! You actually believed that didn't you?

Okay, I have been thinking, but mostly I have been thinking about all the things I would like to do in my studio this coming week. Yes, I actually have permission to enter the studio for short periods. I have about a thousand projects I would like to get started on, but I'll have to go slowly. With my gimpy foot and leg being on my  'driving' foot, I won't be able to piece for long without cramping it up. But hey, I'll take what I can get. I'm excited here!

I don't think I can stand long enough to do an entire quilt at once. But I can load it and come back later and quilt on it for about 15 minutes at a time. So, while I'm not ready for customer quilts, I can get started on baby quilts for the new grandbaby, coming in September.

I have decided to make a few panel quilts and wall hangings. I have a whack of quilter friends all promising pieced quilts to this baby, so I'll go panels, and make something special for when she (we have been told the baby is a girl) moves into her first big-girl bed.

I've also bought the stuff to make some jazzy, adjustable diaper pants. I am gonna be one busy chick in the coming months. I've got baby stuff to make, a wedding quilt to quilt, customers who are waiting very patiently for their quilt. (I appreciate the patience Colleen, eight months is a long time to wait on a quilter.) So to all my waiting clients I have to say, "Thanks for your patience. Your quilt WILL get done. Soon!"

In my off time, I'll be busy with my writing and trying to get the next book published. And let us not forget writing blog posts for two blogs. And I want to go visit my folks for a few days, and go to Newfoundland again for a lacrosse tourny in August. (Cross your fingers and hope for that one.) Love those Newfies!

So, I'm off to watch lacrosse and then home to clean the studio so I can get to work next week. Celebrate with me folks, I'm on the mend and ready to rock and roll. (Or quilt and write as it were.)



  1. Glad to hear that you're "back on your feet" and going to get back into that quilting thing. You've got lots of goals to keep you motivated, but don't overdo it! Don't want to have you laid up again:)

    1. I'm going slow and steady Kim. Today I think I will load a baby quilt. I might even try quilting it. I was down for so long that I'm taking this as slow as my mind will let me.

      Thanks for the good wishes.



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