Saturday, October 20, 2012


My Happy Place!
I've been a busy girl lately. As you can see from the picture above, I'm spending a lot of time in my new happy place with my Granddaughter Fiona. I'm working on client quilts and making baby quilts and receiving blankets. I'm working away on my newest project, a black and white Drunkard's Path quilt.

A Sweet little baby quilt I worked on for a client.
First two blocks of the Drunkard's Path for my man.
This Drunkard's Path started a few years ago in a class I was taking at My Sewing Room in Calgary. As projects sometimes do, it got set aside because it had no immediate recipient. A while back I decided that it would make a lovely quilt for my husband's bed and I hauled it out again. Much to my dismay, I discovered that I only had half enough blocks and not enough fabric to make more. Oh golly, gee whiz, heck and darn, I would have to go fabric shopping. *LOL and huge grin.* So I picked up a few more fabrics. 8 meters in half meter cuts is a few, isn't it? And the cutting has once again begun.
A few of the fabrics
for the Drunkard's Path.
Then came the Creative Stitches Show here in town and a bunch of cute children's fabrics jumped into my bag. Don't you hate when they do that? I've decided that it isn't a problem, as I have a number of baby quilts I need to get done. And besides who could possibly resist the Berenstain Bears?
Feeding my addiction for cute kid's fabrics.
I bought these and a few others yesterday.
Being this busy hasn't stopped the creative process. I'm coming up with a couple cute ideas for simple quilts. They will be good patterns for beginners or for those looking for a fast easy project. All I have to do is find time to make samples and finish writing the directions.

Stay tuned here for previews of new patterns and the exciting details of where you will be able to purchase digital copies of my current line.

Happy quilting

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