Monday, March 12, 2012

What do Vodak, Kids and Chocolate have in common?

Okay, okay. I know. Monday is supposed to be the worst day of the week. And for a lot of us, it often is. But for some strange reason I woke up this morning feeling very grateful. Weird, I admit!

I started pondering this strange phenomenon and a list began to grow in my mind. So here it is in no particular order ... the things in my life that I am grateful for.

1. My darling husband.
2. My lovely sweet daughters. (AKA the Spawn)
3. A bushel full of friends, male and female.
4. Cupboards full of fabric.
5. My lovely longarm machine.
6. Chocolate.
7. Beer and vodak.
8. Books, books and more books. (Yup, I'm a reader.)
9. My cats. Sir Winston Churchill and Miss Trixie.
10. My soon to arrive grand-baby. (September can't come soon enough for me.)
Does my  new grand-baby look like me?


  1. Okay so your wonderful grandchild does look like an alien right now so I guess Spawn is okay to call his mother. But what a wonderful event to look forward to.

  2. Your grandchild is beautiful, no resemblance to you. Baby has a wonderful smile, doesn't seem to mind just floating around. I didn't see a book, a piece of fabric in their hands but I did see some ear buds (her her no pun intended) and an IPOD.
    I on the other hand was grateful to drive to work Monday am without any use of profanity but did have vodka or is it vodak as spelled above on board!
    The Cow

  3. Loopy D and The Cow

    This is indeed a wonderful event. And Vodak is the proper name for the beverage. (Kids learning to read...long story.) And the Spawn...I've called my kids the spawn for years and years. Its easier to say than Fruit of My Loins or Rotten Evil Jerk Children (when they were bad.) I as SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the baby I can hardly wait.

    Thanks for stopping by the blod.



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