Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Life Is Sweet

Okay, I will admit that I have been lax on my blog posts lately.
Heck, I've been lax on quilting, pattern writing, sewing, binding, writing ....
I've done almost nothing but read and drink coffee for the past couple of weeks. Stupid self-inflicted injuries will do that do you. LOL Watch those stairs, they can trip you up. Not down, I never fall down the stairs, just up!

But, I'm back in the studio now and hard at work. Currently, my focus is on finishing my daughter and son-in-law's wedding quilt. Now that they have been married 2.5 years, I decided it is time. I have all the blocks done, half the sashing on and now I am ready to sew all that into rows. I will post pictures when I get the top completed.
Trixie (left) and Winston (right).
Look at my babies. Aren't they sweet. They are resting on Darling Dogs and Cat's Got the Measles and are BESIDE (not on) customer quilts. Yes they are spoiled. They love visiting the studio.

Hugs and happy sewing to you!

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