Monday, August 1, 2011

My Secret Shame

Today's post is kind of a mixed bag, so don't expect any organisation or coherence. I've finally finished a couple of new projects. Two of them come off my UFO list. The third is a bonus project (and test drive of a new pattern). And, I finished piecing the quilt for my parents. I even made their new bedroom curtains to match! Plus, I am almost finished the pillow shams.

A completed UFO: This is for my husband's cousin
who has a birthday this month. And who gave
me some beautiful paintings.
Another UFO and birthday gift for another of his cousins
having her birthday in August. This is from the book
"Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin."
It is a variation. (Read that as my magpie syndrome
got the better of me and I skipped the complex borders.)
Detail view of  "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin."
The completed top of the quilt for my folks.  I had to lay it out on my
friends floor, mine isn't big enough. Dang king sized beds.
I even mitered the printed borders. I am wondering if
I need to add some applique to fill in the large
cream colored areas.
What do you think?
Test run for a new pattern and a birthday gift.
It is for, you guessed it: another cousin of my husband.
She turned fifty this year. Happy Birthday!
The forth female cousin (all from the same family) got her quilt for Christmas. The picture of that is in my December 22, 2010 post. Hers was a wall hanging while the other ladies are getting at least lap sized.

Okay, anyone who knows me realizes that housework is absolutely the last thing on my to-do list. The VERY last thing. I know things are getting out of hand when my husband (who asks only that the dishes be done and he empties the dishwasher) tells me its time to sweep my studio. Today he DEMANDED that I sweep. Yikes! So, I did. I got 5 of these, yes you read correctly FIVE of these dust laden things from one sweeping. I vow here and now to sweep once a week. (Okay, I'll try.) But to be honest, longarm quilting does generate a lot of dust. So does all that cutting and sewing. Yeah I know I am making excuses...
My Secret Shame.
I never sweep, and only  occasionally dust.
I use batting scraps on my Swiffer head to clean up with.
As you can see, when you use the danged thing
it works pretty well. The bonus is that batting scraps are
Question Of The Day: Are you getting any work done this summer? Do you live in the garden in the summer? I would love to see some pictures of your projects, both completed and in progress.


  1. ooh what a great way to use up batting scraps. I keep thinking I will make 100 different small projects to use it up, but in reality they never get made. Now I can use them to clean with and not feel guilty!! Thanks for sharing your shame with us :)

    In the beginning of summer I spend a lot of time in the garden, towards the middle of the summer when it gets too hot I migrate inside to the sewing machine.

  2. Haven't you been a busy little girl! I won't dare comment on the appliqué question for your mom's quilt - I think we've already discussed that (sorry I bought it up!). Must feel good to get so many of these projects done. I think you need a Roomba for your quilt studio - you know, one of those robotic vacuum thingies. Jamie saw one in Wal-mart the other day and wanted to get it - I think Charlie might kill it! Just a thought...

  3. Leah: I'm glad you found a use for that mountain of batting. I envy you your gardening skills. I have a brown thumb. (Maybe its just that I am lazy.)

    Kim: No applique. No way. No how. At least not on this project.


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