Monday, November 15, 2010

Guild Day

Well, my friend Colleen was here and is gone again. We had a great visit. It’s a new week, and today was guild day. I belong to Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild of Calgary and I always enjoy guild day. We get together, do a little business, visit some friends, but best of all is Show and Tell. I’m never more inspired than I am after a quilt guild meeting. There are always such wonderful things. Bright bold colors, subtle patterns, geometrics, florals … so many projects to delight the eye and rev up the mind.

So this afternoon, it will be back into the studio to work on a few projects. Sandra, your quilt goes on the machine next and I’ll fetch it over to you as soon as it is finished. Those of you who are thinking of calling me about booking your holiday project in had better call soon. I have nearly twenty drop-offs this week and the schedule is filling fast.

Bali Briefcase by
Aunties Two

But first, I’m going to putter away on some of my own things. Maybe my cat quilts, maybe my fish applique quilt. Nope, better get my Bali Briefcase finished. I took a class from Marge Tucker at My Sewing Room. Fabulous store and Marge is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable and patient. Especially with those of us who simply cannot make a pattern as it stands. I can’t help myself I alter everything I make. Maybe an extra pocket, an extra row, a different border…

The briefcase is for my sister and I should try to finish it before I see her again. The pattern is by Aunties Two and is fabulous. The instructions are easy to follow, but man oh man does it ever use a lot of thread. I used nearly two full 1000-meter spools of cotton. Now, mine won’t look like the picture here, mine is purple. A purple briefcase… I can just see your shudders. But, sister-mine loves purple. When I give a gift, I want you to love what you get. My other sister wanted a black and pink quilt and that’s what I made her, it just took some time.

I am looking forward to Friday evening. My good friend Allison of Needleworks here in Calgary is having her open house to celebrate their new location. They are now at #10B - 6219 Centre Street N. (just south of 64th Avenue and Centre Street.) The open house runs from 6 to 8. Cake, coffee, prizes and I am guessing maybe some specials too. I can’t wait to be there to visit with my old quilting friends and to meet some new ones. Curious about the new Elna sewing machines too. Stop by on Friday night and see what’s happening.

 QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you working on? Is your Christmas sewing finished yet?


  1. I love the briefcase and I think it will look really nice in purple.

  2. I'll post a picture or two when I get it finished. I've made it a bit longer than the original too. I guess that's just part of the can't finish anything as designed, and why I design my own line of patterns. ;)


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