Thursday, September 23, 2010

Party Like Your Hubby's Turning 50!

Darling Hubby playing lacrosse
 in Manchester Uk.

Its crazy how things go. I’m busy like a one armed paper-hangar trying to organize my husbands 50th birthday party. We’re having three. Yup, I’m nuts. First is his choice, a two-hour game of semi-contact lacrosse with all his buddies. Second the full extended family and a few close friends for a family dinner at my daughters. Third, on his actual birthday will be dinner with the immediate family. Just us, our girls and their men. I cannot even decide what to feed the ravaging horde. I waffle back and forth. I’m thinking ham, but one sister-in-law doesn’t eat pork. Surely she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Then, I’ve got to provide something for those veggie-vore relatives. Personally, I’m a carnivore and will eat most anything. Oh well.

What does all this have to do with quilting? Well, nothing at all and everything. All my time is going to this (and stinking accounting) and taking away from studio time. It is hard sometimes to fit everything in. Especially when one is feeling lazy and unmotivated. I live for quilting, but sometimes I just want to sit on my backside and read my book. Unfortunately, the one I’m reading is really good. I’ve read it before, but that doesn’t slow me down. Or rather speed me up. I’m reading Diana Gabaldon’s "The Fiery Cross". It is riveting, but does require concentration. Often, I read trashy romances I love them, and they are a nice quick read and easy to put down. After all, you know there’ll be a happy ending.
My current quilting projects include a simple quilt of doggie fabrics for Cousin Marnie. She gave us some lovely paintings (okay I forced her to give them up, she doesn’t think her work is worth sharing). She’s a great dog lover, and I thought a nice cuddly quilt would warm her up in that drafty old farm house, and at the same time it would show her that we appreciate her work.


I’m also trying to finish up the piecing of a few projects I took in the past. One from Eleanor Burns’ Magic Vine book. I’m also trying to write the directions for my Midnight Blues quilt. All blue and white with many points. I think I’m in my point block phase. I did a queen size quilt phase….many were started few were finished. I did a table runner phase. I always love hand applique, and am finally getting good at it. I’m working on a quilt with fish on it, that I designed about three years ago. It needs a lot of thread painting, and my skill just isn’t up to it yet. I keep practicing, but I’m not to the point where I want to try it on the real article. I am getting close though. I’ve got several small wall hangings designed, but not yet started and I am working on a table runner design. There are two simple bases to choose from and a number of different appliques to embellish with.
I’m also trying my hand at writing an article or two for submission to some Canadian quilting magazines. Some day it seems that there are just too many irons in the fire and too many ideas in my head. But I plug away, happy in the knowledge that I’m doing what I love.
Oh yeah, let us not forget about blogging, playing around on Facebook, housework, cooking …
Okay, skip those last two, because we all know I only do those when I must. Hubby’s birthday is even at my daughter’s so I don’t need to clean the house. Mwa Mwa mwa. (That being the sound of my evil laugh.)

Keep on Quilting

Dazzling Diamonds

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